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3 Ways that AudioFlea has Revamped the Online Marketplace

AudioFlea on Mobile and Desktop

Sometimes, things change. You know, the good ol’ “Out with the old, in with the new.” Sometimes, changes are good. Other times they are… not so good. This time, it’s good. The online marketplace is in an interesting “place.” There are the behemoths like the Ebays and the Amazons of the world. The problem with these sites is that they try and be something to everyone. You want an antique victorian dress? Ok, that looks lovely. However, the shopper is […]

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CanJam NYC 2017 – AudioFlea Show Report

The news is in: CanJam 2017 was super cool. This was my first CanJam, and I had no idea what to expect. Whatever my expectations were, they were blown away with what I encountered. And what exactly did I encounter? First things first, I learned just how fast the headphone space is growing. Rewind a few years back, and for nice headphones we had Sennheiser, Grado, and a couple of other niche players. Now, the headphone world is filled with electricity, […]

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Vinyl Weight – What is the big deal?

When you are out shopping for vinyl records you are undoubtedly going to run into messages such as “WOW EXTRA VIRGIN 200G VINYL,” “Special 180G Edition!,” any many similar claims. Is this olive oil we are talking about? What are these weights and why do they matter? And of course the most important question: “Which one sounds best???” Well, let’s start in the beginning. Back in the day, if you recall, there were what we call “records.” No one talked about […]