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Vinyl Weight – What is the big deal?

When you are out shopping for vinyl records you are undoubtedly going to run into messages such as “WOW EXTRA VIRGIN 200G VINYL,” “Special 180G Edition!,” any many similar claims. Is this olive oil we are talking about? What are these weights and why do they matter? And of course the most important question: “Which one sounds best???” Well, let’s start in the beginning. Back in the day, if you recall, there were what we call “records.” No one talked about […]

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Computer Audio 101: What You Need to Get Started

Computer audio, done right, makes your entire music library accessible all throughout your house. It turns your tablet and smartphone into a sophisticated remote. It lets you compile all of your ripped CDs and  downloaded files in a central place. It lets you copy your music to your smartphone or portable music player and take it with you on the go. All of this magic, however, comes at a price. To make your computer-audio setup sound as good as an […]

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The Best Kind of Speaker Cable Connectors

Audio cables are one of the most controversial topics in hifi. After all, how much difference is that $5,000 set of speaker cables going to really make? Well, that’s a topic for another post (or a heated debate on the forums). For today, let’s start with the basics and focus on the common types of connectors you are likely to see. Bare wire. Another term for “bare wire” connectors is “unterminated,” meaning no connectors have specifically been attached. Bare wire […]