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Computer Audio 101: What You Need to Get Started

Computer audio, done right, makes your entire music library accessible all throughout your house. It turns your tablet and smartphone into a sophisticated remote. It lets you compile all of your ripped CDs and  downloaded files in a central place. It lets you copy your music to your smartphone or portable music player and take it with you on the go. All of this magic, however, comes at a price. To make your computer-audio setup sound as good as an […]

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Top 4 Sites to Download Hi-Res Digital Music

If you are new to the HiFi digital music scene, or have been around a while, having a source to find your music is key. There is no shortage of great sites out there where you can download amazing-sounding, audiophile-quality masterings of your favorite albums in high-resolution digital files. Listed below are our current top 4 sites to find HiFi digital music. Have a favorite of your own? Comment below and share the wealth! 1) HDTracks The original high-resolution digital music download […]