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HiFi DIY: Make Your Own Record Cleaning Fluid

Okay, so you’ve already heard how obsessed we are with the Nitty Gritty as we put on our apron, sewed a bunch of curtain clothes for children and sung its praises at the top of our lungs in the Alps in our last post.

(us when we think about the Nitty Gritty)

So now we’re bringing you a little DIY project, if you’re feeling crafty and want some solid record cleaning solution that you can make yourself for cheap!

Tip: You’ll want to find a good record-cleaning brush to use if you plan on cleaning or spot-treating any records by hand.

Warnings that should be obvious but prevent you from suing us: There are toxic chemicals involved in this project. Do not under any circumstances drink the stuff you’re making (would anyone actually do that? It smells like someone pickled a library book from 1759), and always use safety precautions while you use and make it – protect your eyes, don’t huff it, make sure you label the container so you don’t accidentally pour it on your cereal, etc. etc.

=With that said, the recipe a la ‘Flea is as follows:

  • 100ml 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • 400ml distilled water
  • 2-3 drops dawn dish soap

Mix these ingredients together, given it a good ‘ol stir, and store it in something like a plastic Poland Spring container.

Don’t want to make a mess or risk it with a home-brew? You can find professional-grade record cleaning solution from a number of suppliers, including Nitty Gritty, VPI, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Super Record Wash

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