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HiFi DIY: Make Your Own Record Cleaning Fluid

Okay, so you’ve already heard how obsessed we are with the Nitty Gritty as we put on our apron, sewed a bunch of curtain clothes for children and sung its praises at the top of our lungs in the Alps in our last post. So now we’re bringing you a little DIY project, if you’re feeling crafty and want some solid record cleaning solution that you can make yourself for cheap! Tip: You’ll want to find a good record-cleaning brush […]

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Getting down to the Nitty Gritty: The Vinyl Lover’s Dream Machine

When it comes to vinyl, listen to your sex ed teacher – you gotta keep it clean! Sure, people who don’t listen to vinyl (and some hipsters that do) think that the signature crackle and pop of a dirty record holds the charm of yesteryear, but what it actually holds is dirt. And dust. And germs. Lots of germs. So what’s an audiophile to do? You could sit down with Are You Experienced and your grandpa’s hanky and buff away […]

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How to Clean Your Turntable Stylus

A few posts ago we discussed how to clean that sweet vinyl collection of yours. This week we move on to different options for cleaning the stylus on your cartridge. The stylus is that tiny needle at the end of the tone arm that connects with the record. You may have noticed that the stylus sometimes gets gunked up with dust and other debris. When this happens it can distort the sound that comes out. Keeping a clean stylus helps maintain the […]