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3 Ways that AudioFlea has Revamped the Online Marketplace

AudioFlea on Mobile and Desktop

Sometimes, things change. You know, the good ol’ “Out with the old, in with the new.”

Sometimes, changes are good. Other times they are… not so good.

This time, it’s good. The online marketplace is in an interesting “place.” There are the behemoths like the Ebays and the Amazons of the world. The problem with these sites is that they try and be something to everyone. You want an antique victorian dress? Ok, that looks lovely. However, the shopper is probably someone different than the shopper who wants that Mark Levinson power amplifier in the corner.

Then, there are the smaller players. Most of these shops are using “off the shelf” forum software that it not built for eCommerce. Or even worse, the smaller companies get acquired by other companies and then they just turn into marketing machines.

In comes AudioFlea. AudioFlea is different in that we are built from scratch and each line of code is written with the following three principles in mind:

Easier. Faster. Cheaper.

1. Find Things, Easier

AudioFlea Helps You Find Things Easier


It’s easy to find paper towels on Amazon, and clothes on JC Penney. But… what about that Audio Technica cartridge that you’ve been looking for, that was only produced in 1975, and is actually 0.2mv output instead of 0.3mv output?

That’s going to be a lot harder to find. How would you even go about trying? Maybe you will do a keyword search for “Audio Technica 1975 moving coil 0.2mv output”.

This probably isn’t going to help much because, you know, computers. They only work the way they are told to, and if all the keywords aren’t in the listing a certain way, the search engine isn’t going to show it to you. You try this search, and get “zero results found” because it’s too specific.

So, next, you say to yourself “OK, how about I just start with Audio Technica cartridges and go from there.” Great idea! Except for the fact that again, you know, computers. There just happen to be 1000 Audio Technica cartridges that appear in this search. How do you find that particular one with the 0.3mv output? You are probably feeling like you are just plain out of luck. But don’t worry, we have you covered. AudioFlea has built an incredibly powerful faceted search engine.

You can start with your search for “Audio Technica,” and before even submitting your search, the type-ahead popup will let you know that “Yes, we’ve got em! Here are a few examples, and here are some articles and reviews about Audio Technica and cartridges in general.”

AudioFlea Search as you Type


Ok, great start. But you’re on a mission. A mission to find a rare and obscure cartridge. So you click into “cartridges.” Then you click into the “Audio Technica” brand. Then you click “Moving Coil.” Then, lo and behold, you see that there are 2 available with 0.2mv output, so you click on those. And voila, you’ve found what you’re looking for quickly, and easily.

You may be wondering “why doesn’t every marketplace site do this?” The answer is that it’s really, really hard to do properly (and really expensive). But we had the smarts and will power to make it happen!

2. List More, Faster

AudioFlea Multi Sell Creator Tool

Selling stuff online is such a pain. I used to sell a lot of things on ebay. It was so tiresome. There are like 10 screens to click through, they are covered in tiny buttons and small fonts, and ads are being fired at you from every direction. By the time you’ve created one ad, you need a cocktail.

The niche marketplace sites aren’t typically any better.

We thought about all of this and have delivered two key capabilities to help you list more, faster.

A. Single Page Item CreatorAudioFlea Single Page Sell Mobile

Everything, one page. It’s all there, in one and only one place. There are only a few fields on it! Just fill them out. You’ll be through before you know it and onto that next item. Oh, and our categories and sub categories are sections that help populate our search navigation. So the more you fill out, the easier it will be to find your products! Or, even better, use our….

B. Multi-Item Lister tool

This thing is powerful. Never before have you seen a tool that is so easy to create so many listings. Put in the shared fields like your shipping and payment info only one time, for a batch of 5… 10… or even 20 or more listings, ON A SINGLE PAGE!!!

Get tired halfway through? No problem. Just save your draft, and pick up where you left off later.

3. Sell More, Cheaper

AudioFlea Five Dollar Flat Fee

This one speaks for itself. Marketplace sites are expensive. Really expensive! Ebay for instance is 10%!!! That doesn’t include the 3% PayPal fee.

If you are selling your sweet pair of Martin Logans for $5,000, that is $650! That is real money lost and absorbed into the void. With AudioFlea, we’ve got your back yet again. $5 flat fee listings. No transaction fees. Are we insane? Most definitely.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the three ways that we are re-imagining the online marketplace. And with that, I bid you off to start selling those amps sitting in your garage, and buy that pair of B&Ws that you always wanted!

Todd is based out of Portland, ME and likes hi-fi audio, technology, and other things. He likes to buy and sell audio gear online, and decided to go ahead and build a better hifi marketplace website, mainly just for himself.

Hit Todd up directly at todd@audioflea.com.