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CanJam NYC 2017 – AudioFlea Show Report

The news is in: CanJam 2017 was super cool. This was my first CanJam, and I had no idea what to expect. Whatever my expectations were, they were blown away with what I encountered. And what exactly did I encounter? First things first, I learned just how fast the headphone space is growing. Rewind a few years back, and for nice headphones we had Sennheiser, Grado, and a couple of other niche players. Now, the headphone world is filled with electricity, […]

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Best of T.H.E. Show: Best Sounding Budget System Award – Brooks Berdan with Spendor and Jadis

We’ve spent the past month in a cave, hunkered down, developing our site to get it live for all of you and we’re closer then ever! Well we’ve finally emerged and The Show Newport awards are back on track! Stay tuned for website updates, but in the meantime…back to Newport we go… It was getting to be later on in the day, and Carolyn and I were getting tired. We wandered into some unfortunate vendor’s room with some giant, megabuck speakers, playing […]

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Best of T.H.E. Show: Best Press Room Award – Positive Feedback

Our pal at GTT Audio, Bill Parish (pictured far left above), guided us up to the Positive Feedback room and introduced us to Dave and Carol Clark, two of the editors at Positive Feedback. A selfy-stick picture and a bourbon later, and we knew that we were amongst friends. A refreshing talk/gripe about the current status of high end audio ensued. Shenanigans, jokes, and drinking in the morning are 3 vital components to immediately becoming Friends of the ‘Flea. For those of you who aren’t familiar […]