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20 Ridiculously Addictive Dance Songs

Here is a list of 20 Ridiculously Addictive Dance Songs to rock out to in your car, in the shower, while you’re running, while getting ready to go out, while making drinks or dinner… Basically, anytime. As a true audiophile, you already know that all of these would sound better in Hi-Fi and with great speakers, preferably on vinyl… but, barring that, or even with a partial set-up, they’re all still really good. Some are more popular and high profile, […]

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From Headphones to Stereos: Welcome to the Sweet Spot

Many people have wondered, what is the point of investing in a big expensive stereo system? Or even a small, inexpensive stereo system that is going to take up precious real estate in your posh NYC flat (or grungy NYU dorm room?). The answer, boiled down to a single word? Sheer Magic. (That was two words…are you even paying attention??). Our friend Art Noxon of Acoustics Sciences Corporation has come up with a fun little experiment that takes about 5 […]

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Best of T.H.E. Show: Best Sounding Budget System Award – Brooks Berdan with Spendor and Jadis

We’ve spent the past month in a cave, hunkered down, developing our site to get it live for all of you and we’re closer then ever! Well we’ve finally emerged and The Show Newport awards are back on track! Stay tuned for website updates, but in the meantime…back to Newport we go… It was getting to be later on in the day, and Carolyn and I were getting tired. We wandered into some unfortunate vendor’s room with some giant, megabuck speakers, playing […]

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Best of T.H.E. Show: Best Press Room Award – Positive Feedback

Our pal at GTT Audio, Bill Parish (pictured far left above), guided us up to the Positive Feedback room and introduced us to Dave and Carol Clark, two of the editors at Positive Feedback. A selfy-stick picture and a bourbon later, and we knew that we were amongst friends. A refreshing talk/gripe about the current status of high end audio ensued. Shenanigans, jokes, and drinking in the morning are 3 vital components to immediately becoming Friends of the ‘Flea. For those of you who aren’t familiar […]

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Best of T.H.E. Show: Best New Entry Level Product – 1MORE, Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone

The news is in: T.H.E. Show in Orange County was awesome. We had so much fun catching up with everyone, hearing some amazing demos, and seeing some very cool new products. Now that we’ve had some time to absorb all the greatness that came with T.H.E. Show Newport, we have compiled our favorites in the AudioFlea Best of T.H.E. Show awards! Follow along over the next few weeks to see what products and rooms we felt pushed the envelope this year. Drum […]

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Hanging out with Michael Fremer at Axpona 2016 Was Cool!

The news is in: Audio tradeshows are freaking awesome and a ton of fun! Axpona 2016 was a blast. We met a ton cool people, both people in the industry such as reviewers and audio gear vendors, along with tons of genuinely decent audiophiles. Here we are with Michael Fremer, who is a tenured reviewer at Stereophile magazine and has been a major player in hi-fi audio for the long haul. He is a huge proponent of spinning plastic discs […]

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How to be a Hifi Dealer

The current landscape is not pretty for brick and mortar hifi dealerships. Let’s work together to change that. A little while back, I sent my hifi dealer Al Moulton at Goodwin’s High End an email asking about a recommendation for a USB cable that sounds decent. (sidenote: if talking about the sound USB cables triggers you to call the psycho police, proceed. It’s probably appropriate.) A few minutes after hitting the ‘send’ button, the worst happened. I got a response back […]

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Sneak Peak: Smart Navigation

With our Smart Navigation you can seamlessly drill down in our HiFi classifieds to find exactly what you when you want. Spend less time searching and more time listening to your favorite album. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on beta testing, launch and future features!

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We left our hearts at Axpona… and our contacts on the plane: AudioFlea’s first trade show experience!

Axpona HiFi Tradeshow 2016

What a weekend! If you spent your Thursday jet-setting (read: frantically packing, wrestling with an unruly laser printer, struggling with luggage onto two flights with a layover in between), transporting yourself from the spring-might-never-get-here weather of Maine to breezy Chicago in preparation for 72 hours of audio-infused insanity at the one and only Axpona conference… then you did exactly what we did! This past weekend we joined thousands of fellow audio nerds geeking out over the best systems, meeting people […]

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HiFi DIY: Make Your Own Record Cleaning Fluid

Okay, so you’ve already heard how obsessed we are with the Nitty Gritty as we put on our apron, sewed a bunch of curtain clothes for children and sung its praises at the top of our lungs in the Alps in our last post. So now we’re bringing you a little DIY project, if you’re feeling crafty and want some solid record cleaning solution that you can make yourself for cheap! Tip: You’ll want to find a good record-cleaning brush […]