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Getting down to the Nitty Gritty: The Vinyl Lover’s Dream Machine

When it comes to vinyl, listen to your sex ed teacher – you gotta keep it clean! Sure, people who don’t listen to vinyl (and some hipsters that do) think that the signature crackle and pop of a dirty record holds the charm of yesteryear, but what it actually holds is dirt. And dust. And germs. Lots of germs. So what’s an audiophile to do? You could sit down with Are You Experienced and your grandpa’s hanky and buff away […]

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10 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your HiFi Stereo Sound Better Instantly

Stereo not sounding as great as you know it could? Hate to break it to you, but no matter what you do, you’ll probably feel that way forever, because what’s being an audiophile without a nagging, incurably torturous need for better sound that is doomed to never be satiated, ever? *ahem*… Well, thankfully, even though you may not have Jimmy Fallon’s listening room, we’ve got some simple tweaks for your existing listening space (yes, even if you live in a […]

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How to Clean Your Turntable Stylus

A few posts ago we discussed how to clean that sweet vinyl collection of yours. This week we move on to different options for cleaning the stylus on your cartridge. The stylus is that tiny needle at the end of the tone arm that connects with the record. You may have noticed that the stylus sometimes gets gunked up with dust and other debris. When this happens it can distort the sound that comes out. Keeping a clean stylus helps maintain the […]

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The 3 Different Types of Turntable Tonearms

When you begin to dive deeper into the rabbit hole of learning about and improving your turntable, you will inevitably come across information about different types of tone arms. The goal of the tone arm is to: allow for a stable platform to mount and adjust cartridge; minimize tracing distortion across the face of the record; offer flexible controls to accurately and repeatedly set critical setup parameters; offer high levels of rigidity to minimize sound-damaging vibrations as much as possible; and […]

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5 Things You Need to Know When Purchasing a Turntable

Vinyl is coming back and fast. The record sales for the first half of 2015 have increased by 52% compared to last year, resulting in the industry having its best year since 1994!! In the US, the rate at which vinyl sales is growing is even greater than that of YouTube, Spotify, and Vevo combined. This is incredible! If you are ready to join the new vinyl revolution, you will need to purchase a turntable. However, where do you start? […]

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Before you Buy a Jensen JTA-230 Turntable

If you have come across this article, we want to congratulate you on taking your first step with getting into vinyl and analog audio! It is a great hobby and lifestyle that will grow with you. Earlier this year Fact.com reported that the Jensen JTA-230, a three-speed stereo turntable with built-in speakers, had record-breaking sales over the holiday season! Vinyl has made another resurgence this past year and many new enthusiasts are looking to buy their first turntable. Part of the enjoyment of […]

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Top 2016 Grammys Performances (full videos)

The 2016 Grammys have come and gone and in it’s wake we pulled together the highlight performances that shouldn’t be missed….and two that fell flat. Enjoy and let us know what your favorite performance was! 2016 Grammys Top Performances (full videos) Kendrick Lamar: “The Blacker the Berry” and “Alright” John Legend, Demi Lovato,Meghan Trainor, Tyrese and Luke Bryan: Lionel Richie Tribute Ellie Goulding and Andra Day: “Rise Up” and “Love Me Like You Do” Miguel: “She’s Out Of My Life” – […]

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Holiday HiFi Gift Guide for Audiophiles

Uh oh, Christmas is only a few days away! Our friends of the Jewish faith also let us know that we already missed Hanukkah (we’ll shape up for next year). Well, when it comes to receiving great gifts, I’ll let the date slide a bit if it’s a sweet audio delight like the things we’ve got on this list! For those last minute stragglers, check out these yummy goodies that will all make great gifts for your friends and lovers who appreciate […]

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Devialet Le 200 UnBoxing Video

Devialet 200 Unboxing Video

AudioFlea gets down to it in their first video (ever) with this great unboxing video of the Devialet Le 200! We hope you enjoy!

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How Much Should My Hi-Fi Preamp Cost?

how much should my preamp cost hifi pre amplifier

The preamp is one of the most important parts of your stereo.  Some have even called it the “heart” of your system.  After all, it provides the extremely important act of adding gain to the very delicate low-level signal coming from your source components. Think of it as the electrical equivalent of turning a trickle into a flood. This is something that you don’t want to mess up! Any nasty effects caused by adding any noise or distortion at this […]