SHUNYATA RESEARCH - ALPHA NR 20 amp - Interconnect
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Shunyata Alpha NR 20 Amp 1.75M

I am selling a like-new 1.75 M, 20amp Shunyata Alpha NR
power cord in pristine condition: cosmetically excellent and electrically
perfect. The cable is the second ranking member of Shunyata’s new lineup of “noise
reduction” cables (behind Sigma). Noise reduction cables can reduce “Component-to-Component Interference” without impacting the music signal
– sort of like having power conditioning capabilities inside the power cable.
Shunyata explains CCI as follows:

This is a concept we call CCI™ (Component-to-Component Interference). Noise 
generated by a component’s power supply and internal circuits may travel 
through the power lines via the power cords; or it may radiate between the 
power cords and interconnects. Shunyata Research cables are designed using 
specific technologies that will protect the delicate music signal from both 
conducted and radiated interference.

Technology features of Alpha NR cables include:
* OFE 101 conductors (8 gauge)
* VTX (virtual tube geometry)
* Copper Conn connectors
* KPIP (Kinetic Phase Inversion)
* CCI filters

I have all packing and documentation. Buyer to pay shipping and Paypal fee.