WHEST - TWO.2 - Phono
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Highly Transparent, Natural Tone - A Minor MIRACLE!

Whest Audio's entry level phonostage is another man's flagship!

Audio Revelation is pleased to be offering the exciting lineup of phono stages from Whest Audio! Please click here to view all the terrific phono stages we offer.


AWARDED STEREO MOJO 'MAXIMUM MOJO AWARD' for excellent value and quality sound presentation

"the WhestTWO Phono Preamplifier let me "see" far enough into everything I threw at it to appreciate what all participates were doing. That is one definition of "transparency". More than that, while it was detailed enough to facilitate dissection, it also brought all of those tiny pieces together into a very homogeneous whole. That is one definition of "musical" and the Whest, more than any other I have auditioned in this price range, is musical."
- Stereomojo.com (read the review)

"We recently received the latest updated version of the whestTWO and are blown away by it's ability to extract and deliver full range dynamics, excellent resolution and an enormous soundstage. The whestTWO Phono Preamplifier is far and away our best value phono stage!"
- Jay, Audio Revelation

"This phono preamp is an audiophile delight. Highs are pristine with very good extension and clarity. Midrange is clean and unembellished. Good, taut bass. Soundstages are recreated with well defined width, depth and height extending beyond the physical boundaries of the speakers. Imaging is pin-point accurate. Lightning fast transient response and iron fisted control creates explosive dynamics. Music emerges from an inky blackness. High transparency and detail means nothing is hidden from the WhestTWO."
- AudioNZ, New Zealand High End Magazine (read the review)

"The whestTWO Phono Preamplifier... forms part of 'BEST VALUE SYSTEM AT SHOW"
- New York HiFi Show

"On the WhestTWO, I listened to the Ortofon Venice, the Ortofon Rondo Bronze, Decca (The Cartidge Man), Van den Hul Grasshopper III GMA and the Rokson Shiraz. What was noticeable with all of these was the excellent channel separation, giving a wide clearly defined soundstage. Individual sound events are correctly contoured and powerfully drawn, and the imagery has exquisite richness of color...

...offers extraordinarily good tonality, high flexibility and very fair pricing. A must-hear!"
Helmut Rohrwild, Hifi and Records Magazine


WhestTWO.2 Phono Preamplifier
It's just a small whestTHREE Signature!

Like all of the Whest Audio designs, the whestTWO.2 has been designed for use primarily for MC (moving coil) use. This means that to obtain the lowest possible noise levels and highest resolution, we recommend the use of medium to low output MC cartridges.

High Resolution MC
Because of the 'impressive' neutrality of the whestTHREE Signature and the smaller sibling whestTWO.2 in MC mode, we know that absolutely ANY high-end high performance MC cartridge can be used. For MM (moving magnet) use, the input capacitance has been trimmed to give the flattest response curve for many of the new breed of high-performance moving magnets and moving irons on the market today. Unheard of at this price range, the whestTWO.2 employs an 'elevated power rail' section which gives far greater dynamic performance as well as lower noise specs for 'earth shattering' micro detail resolving power. Vinyl playback never sounded so good at this price level.

Class-A output stage

Like all Whest Audio phono stages, the whestTWO.2 also employs a fully discrete transistor Class-A high output current output stage. This coupled with the high performance/ high voltage power supply will give you a level of musical performance you thought was only possible well outside this price range.

Balanced outputs

The whestTWO.2 comes as standard fitted with true balanced outputs which are fed from the output of the Class-A stage. While most manufacturers are content with using a 2.00 EUR IC chip to perform the balancing process and degrading the signal in the process, the whestTWO.2 processes the signal exactly like many high-end microphones and mixing desks...this means a perfect balanced feed if you are using long signal lines.

Loading options

The whestTWO.2 is equipped with 6 resistive load and 6 gain options for maximum flexibility with the wide range of cartridges available today. The resistive load options are 100, 220, 470, 1k, 15k and 47k ohms. MM gain is covered by 43dB. High output MC is covered by 50dB, 55dB while the low output MC sets are 60dB, 65dB and 72dB.

The standard 'shipped' setup is 65dB/100ohms which will suite 95% of MC cartridges today. For the other 5% it is just a matter of removing 2 small M3 screws under the head unit which will give you full access to both channels load and gain switches.

The Power Supply

The high voltage power supply has been adopted and scaled down from the highly acclaimed whestTHREE Signature. The voltage rail voltages are higher than most phonostages 2-3 times its price. Why? Because if properly designed a high voltage design will translate into better dynamic contrasts, better imaging and far better noise performance. It's good then that the power supply in the whestTWO.2 has a 12 year pedigree behind it.


The whestTWO.2 comes with its own RCA-RCA 1.2m OFC Audiophile interconnect and 3.5mm Jack to RCA interconnects for connecting to your audio system and connecting to your computer system for high resolution transfers.


  • Model No.: whestTWO.2
  • RIAA curve accuracy: 18Hz - 22Khz +/- 0.2dB
  • Frequency response: 5Hz - 50Khz -10dB /- 1.0dB
  • Working band: 17Hz - 45Khz
  • THD+N: 0.01%
  • MM Gain 40dB
  • MC gain 65dB internally adjustable only by dealer
  • Input impedance: 3 settings - 100 ohms, 500 ohms and 47 Kohms
  • Connections: Unbalanced
  • Connectors: Gold Audiophile
  • Unpacked weight: 4 lbs
  • Packed weight: 5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9.5" x 2"; 16" x 16" x 7" shipping
  • Operating voltage: 115VAc 60HZ or 230VAC 50Hz