Favorite / Most Creative Album Covers?

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    Album cover art came about in 1938 when Columbia Records hired Alex Steinweiss as its first art director, and so it's said, the cover art was born. Since then a lot has happened. This thread is dedicated to your favorite album covers from the most creative, intricate, interesting or just those ones that move you deep inside. Add an image with the artist and album title and lets see what you got!

    Here's a few of my picks:

    Bob Dylan - 'Self Portrait' (1970)
    Bob Dylan - Self Portrait

    Ambrosia - 'Somewhere I've Never Travelled' (1978)
    Ambrosia - Somewhere I've Never Travelled

    King Crimson - 'In the Court of the Crimson King' (1969)
    King Crimson - 'In the Court of the Crimson King

    FKA twigs - 'M3LL155X' (2015)
    fka twigs - m3ll155xt
    fka twigs - m3ll155x

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    On the slightly more offensive side, here are a couple of my favorites:

    Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction, original cover

    These guys were reckless back in 1987, and this cover shows it. Complete with women getting attacked by evil robots, general mayhem, and a fun light colorful palette make this one of my favorite covers. The fact that it got taken off the market due to it's offensive nature makes it all the better.


    Green Day – Dookie

    It's funny that the two that I'm thinking of have a somewhat similar style. Again we have a whole smattering of mayhem with a light blue background. One of my favorite albums as a teenager, This cover has always been fun to look at. Granted, I had the CD back then so it was pretty hard to make out all the random acts of dookie all over the cover. Therefore, I'd recommend the vinyl version! Just picked up my copy at urban outfitters of all places!


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    I really like a lot of Uriah Heep covers. Very captivating.

    0_1491778376761_Uriah Heep Raging Silence Japan Booklet.jpg

    0_1491778553341_1Uriah Heep Abominog Castle CLACD 110 Ex Ex.jpg

    0_1491778651859_Uriah Firefly.jpg

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    Wow, agreed! Pretty trippy covers.

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