Power Cable Science

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    Power cables, being a "thing" in hifi audio, intrigue me.

    So much that I bought my first power cable from Warner Allen at Axpona 2016, who runs sales for Morrow audio.

    Mr. Mike Morrow himself told me to plug it into my source (a Lynx Hilo DAC in this case, primarily taking on ROON duties at this point) for the best results.

    Does the science make sense? Good question.

    I actually don't even know what the science is.

    "How could a power cable make a difference? After miles of wire running from the grid into your home?" - Audio Naysayers everywhere

    It's a good question.

    The last couple of feet are the most important, right? They can somehow do their part to make up for other tragedies a half miles from here right?


    I'm going to find out about this power cable science. I'll let you know once I do.

  • Todd, When you are examining power cords/conditioning, please call Mark at CorePowerTechnologies and get an Equi=Core 300 in to try. Instead of circuitry and complexity, the E=Q 300 uses a properly wound transformer to split the 120Volts into 2 60V out of phase halves, uses the ground to drain all the noise away, and recombines the 2 halves for a quiet 120V source. No smoke or mirrors, just balanced power that does make an audible difference, most notably a blacker quieter background. http://www.corepowertechnologies.com/home

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    Hey KLH007,

    This is reading a bit salesy :-)

    No worries though, the Equi=Core sounds pretty cool and I will look into it!

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    hifitodd, how's the cable science experimentation going?

  • I've been thinking of taking a stab at making my own (along with RCAs). The power cables are relatively simple to make. For me I want a good cable (I work in that industry), with solid connectors that looks nice (yes aesthetics matter to me).

    I need two 6' cords and one 3'.

    I priced it out and for 15' of 12/3C SJOOW, Wattgate 5266i and Wattgate 320i along with some Techflex and heat-shrink tubing it'll cost me $130 all in.

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    Great, keep us updated with your experiences wgb113. Have you considered trying either a silver or silver/copper hybrid combination or will you be sticking to just copper?

  • @EnergyAudio for the first go-around I'm sticking with good ol' copper. Not a believer in the silver conductors, especially given the cheap romex running through the walls.

    I've got a dedicated line to the panel for my audio room and I'm running some hospital grade outlets from Hubbell and using a Tripp-Lite Isobar. This about as far as I'll probably take it. Being in the wire and cable industry has made me a little jaded towards this part of our hobby but to each their own.

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    @wgb113 Thanks, I look forward to your sonic impressions. I wasn't a believer in differences myself between silver and copper for your reason exactly until I tried a few that is.

    I have 1 silver power cord and 1 hybrid silver/copper cord, amp and pre-amp and my SACDP uses its stock cord still. There is old whatever wire, looks like copper to me, they used in the early 1960's in the wall. The peculiar thing is when I change the cords around my sound goes into the dumpster. To exclude a one-off occurrence I tried it on several different occasions with the same results. Any insight to why?

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