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    **Hey AudioFlea peeps! **
    We would love to hear your feedback on the site. You can list:

    • bugs you find,
    • functions or areas of the site you love,
    • add-ons, functionality or services you'd love to see in the future, or
    • any other comments, questions or concerns you have!

    Add new threads in this section of the forum and we'll respond!

    With your help we can continue to build and evolve AudioFlea to make it your go-to audio classifieds and community hub!!

    Thanks for your support and excitement!

    Warmest regards,
    Carolyn :grinning:

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    Hi Carolyn,

    When choosing a service for shipment a "National/International country postal service" choice or something similar would be good. It looks more professional than only "Other" and "Local pick-up" currently available.

    Sometimes the logging in process does not carry over into the Forums. Other times, like today, it does. When posting in the sales description box the arrow right key is disabled for some reason.

    Typing replies to topics in the Forums is a pain because your text hides and disappears from view if the reply is longer than two lines. Right now to read this I'm typing at 50% normal than for everywhere else on the web.

    More grading options in Music for sale. "Like New" is good for Mint, but we desperately require M- and VG+. Listing something as VG can be a large deterrent especially when it could easily be in better condition but not quite excellent.

    Anyone else?

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    This is great feedback! Thank you for all these notes, we will review them all and get some changes into our roadmap.

    Looking forward to hearing from more people about what you like and what you would improve about AudioFlea!!

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    Now that I have a couple of sales in the pipe here I can start giving ideas.

    We need something along the lines of a link button saying "transaction conversation" for a direct contact to send a message to our buyers without having to fish our way only to eventually finding by searching the members name is the only way to start a conversation about the transaction. Very useful if your buyer does not have the initiative to start a conversation. I think the button idea would be good for both. Another idea is an independent order form attached when someone hits a committed buy link that we also could use. You've shopped on that other music site before? If so, they have a good method for buying and selling IMO.

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    Dave, This is great feedback! yes, I agree we need to improve the messaging on a transaction basis. I will get this into the near term development plan.

    I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean by the "independent order form". Can you help me understand this in a bit more detail? Maybe an example?

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