Cueing lever issues - is this normal?

  • I'm getting reacquainted with the world of vinyl after 20+ years and have been enjoying my newly purchased MusicHall MNF2.2 table. The other day I realized the cueing lever was dropping all the way down to the table surface and doing so in either direction (forward or back). With some work I can still use it, but I have to get a finger nail under it to lift it up - which is hard to do without knocking the tonearm across the record. And unless I hold the lever in the vertical position, the tonearm starts dropping no matter what I have it positioned.

    Is there typically an adjustment for this, or should I try to return it to Audio Direct?

    Here are two photos - note you'll have to take my word that the arm is all the way down :-)
    1_1465926633947_IMG_9842.JPG 0_1465926633947_IMG_9843.JPG

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    Hey Jason,

    Yeah something is looking a little bit funny there! The cuing lever is not supposed to be going that far down.

    There is most likely an adjustment somewhere, probably a little screw, that needs to be tightened.

    Since this is going to be tonearm specific, your best bet would be to call MusicDirect and mention what you are experiencing. The MusicDirect guys are awesome (Carolyn and I met a few including Bes and Mark at Axpona!) and will certainly help you work through this.

    Keep us posted on what they say!

    Also, we are going to need to start a "show off your turntable" thread because I want to see more than just the broken cueing lever on your sweet new table! :grinning:

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    Thank you for the helpful reply! I will definitely give MusicDirect a call tomorrow and post a followup soon.. Also I like the idea of a "show off your turntable" thread!

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    Jason. any news on the repair? I'm looking forward to seeing the turntable working properly.

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