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    One of my wow moments was when I went from a Parasound A21 to a pair of JC1's. It was epic. Since then I have gotten a third one for my center channel. My front channels consists of 2 C1's and 2 C4's and a Confidence center. So two of the Monoblocks push a C1 and a C4. All my music is anew. I know they are Class A up to 25 watts into 8 ohm. Not sure what the rest is. I think Class B. I barely crank it super loud.

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    Wow taxicrab, that sounds awesome! I have heard so many good things about the JC1s, but I still haven't really sat down and auditioned them.

    I know Longplayyer in my neck of the woods in Bridgeton, Maine carries the Parasounds, I'd better stop by for a listen!

    Pretty soon I will be switching out my Devialet for a dedicated power amp (since that's all I'm using with the Devialet) and the JC1 will definitely be on the shortlist.

    Those C4s must sound amazing! I love Dynaudio, especially when they are setup right with lots of room to breathe! So dynamic and airy.

  • @hifitodd it's a Beautiful combination. Did you guys get down to hear the Dynaudio Evidence at Axpona? Those were awesomer!

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    It was such a whirlwind trying to talk to everyone that unforunately we missed too many rooms, including the Dynaudio. Was it the Evidence Temptation that was setup? I heard amazing things about the setup. Can't wait to get to the shows again next year.

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