How do you treat your room acoustics, or do you?

  • I am a VERY big believer in room acoustic treatments; right now I am using the excellent Real Trap units along with trying out a pair of the Shakti Hallograph's. In my small room ( 9X10') room acoustic treatments are a must, IMO.
    What do other members use, or do you not feel the need for these devices.

  • @daveyf this is something that I'm exploring as well. For now I don't have any audio grade treatments, more DIY at this point. I'll be interested to hear what other members are doing as well! What do you think of the Shakti Hallographs?

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    Davey, I'm a strong believer in acoustic treatments. In my opinion, acoustics are easily the most key component of an audio system to address. I've owned some Real Traps in the past and I agree, they are great.

    One of the best treatments I've encountered in the industry is the ASC bass trap. Art with ASC is an acoustic wizard and he has optimized the hell out of these things to give major improvements across the whole audio band by putting them in the corners.

    ASC has also developed the MATT testing (downloadable on their site) which is a super interesting way to test your system for "articulation" all through the band. ASC stands by the notion that articulation is much more important than frequency response, which is a different and very interesting way to think about it.

  • I have a lot of room treatments, for use with my Magnepan 3.6 dipole speakers, and SVS Ultra Plus2 subwoofer. Corner bass traps in all 4 corners, floor to ceiling otherwise the room rings like a bell. Diffusors in front of bass traps on the front wall, plus more diffusors up there. No diffusion in back just absorption panels, this idea was inspired by Siefreid Linkwitz's thoughts on room acoustic's.

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