Axpona 2017, Who's Going??

  • We're trying to get a pulse on who's attending Axpona 2017 this year?!

  • I am going for all 3 days, staying at Westin and have the Gold Pass. Anyone who wants to meet up send me a message. Also I am driving in from South Bend, IN. I did a lot of hanging out with Amir from Audio Science Review forum last year.
    Plus some friends from the Audio Circle, and Audio Raver from HTS and Mark Henninger from AVS.

    Carolyn I remember the speakers and the room, you had from last year2016. It was long and narrow, and I remember those wave guides on the speakers. Plus it was on the first floor and think you had some acoustic treatment in the room.

  • @TitaniumTroy That's great! We would love to meet up! We'll be there all 3 days as well.

    We didn't have a room last year but were in many rooms, so you may have seen us thoroughly enjoying some great sounding music in one of the first floor rooms.

    We'll send you a message to exchange info so we can meet up later this month. Thank you for joining the site and for the support!

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