Audeze Headphones - A real upgrade over the venerable Sennheiser HD650?

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    Sennheiser HD650s are like a shot of morphine to the guts. They provide just the right amount of detail, an open airy sound, and maybe the slightest touch of bloom to take off the edge. Just what I need when I'm going through giant logs of errors working on the next best audio classifieds site.

    All the rage is about Audeze lately, though. They are a lot more expensive than the Senns. The reviews are in - They say A+.

    Are they really that much better though? I've bought expensive audio kit which sometimes exposed more detail and clarity, but there was often a cost.

    Is that the case with the Audeze? Or are they the real deal, no questions asked, and a major upgrade over the trusty senns?

  • Personally, I am not a big fan of either one of them, but...

    The HD650's are a bargain at the price they sell at. They are real good in doing everything just right. A bit on the warm side of the spectrum and they heat up my ears... a lot!
    The Audeze LCD-2's are a step up, but at a hefty price. They have a bigger sound stage, great detail and very neutral, but HEAVY. I could not listen to them comfortably for more than 30 minutes.

    That's just my 2 cents...

    For me, the Sennheiser HD700's are perfect. Price, comfort and sound are all within the range that I am looking for.

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    I have yet to hear the HD700. I'll have to give them a try!

    Agreed regarding the tonal balance of the HD650. A bit on the warm side, so I pair them up with a fast solid-state headphone amp and for me, it's the goldilocks of headphones to this day!

    Also agree on point #2: :sweat:

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