Tidal brings us lossless streaming. As in, lossless streaming. As in, each and every bit is fully intact. Is our hobby over now?

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    As far as I'm concerned, it's a real game-changer. Especially plugged in with Roon in their auto-integrated software. Real lossless streaming.

    Is there any reason to spend months scouring ebay for rare CDs? Comparing labels and masterings tirelessly and swapping cables to get that last 1%?

    When we can now hit play on Roon, See the magical purple light glowing indicating full bit-perfect playback, and bask in our full-bitted glory?

    I sure hope so, which I think officially makes me a Luddite in this brave, new world.

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    @hifitodd We just switched over to Tidal and couldn't agree more. Streaming is now a beautiful art. Goodbye Spotify and Pandora. Hello Tidal!

  • To be honest, a big part of the charm of the music hobby is the scouring for the rare music.
    Tidal is a very nice solution, but 95% of the music that is being promoted isn't music I am interested in, unfortunately.

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