What is

AudioFlea is the next generation online classifieds and marketplace for all music enthusiasts. Registered users can buy and sell high end audio equipment, ask questions and build a community on the modern AudioFlea forum as well as browse the blog for reviews, updates, recommendations and more.

Can I delete my messages?

At this time, you can not delete your messages. If this is a feature you would like added in the future, let us know by adding a comment on the Feedback Area on the forum. 

Can I trade my equipment on

For your protection and ease, we do not recommend trading your equipment.

By selling your equipment, you are then able to buy the right piece of equipment for your needs instead of finding a person who will trade. It is also harder to protect your buying rights through a trade. Through PayPal, you have buyer and seller protection, through a trade transaction you are at risk of having no protection against receiving equipment that is not as advertised. We suggest, if you find a seller that would like to trade, that you do two separate transactions.

How do I use the "Make and Offer" Function?

From the product detail page of the item you would like to make an offer on, press the Make and Offer button. The Seller will be contacted with your offer and will respond if this is an acceptable price through your Messages.