Search and Navigation

What type of advanced search functions can I use?

AudioFlea is proud to provide our users with the latest technology in search and navigation including Type Ahead Search and AudioFlea’s Smart Navigation.

What is Type Ahead Search?

Type Ahead Search is an advanced search function, featured on AudioFlea, that allows you to find what you are looking for quicker and easier. Similar to a search engine, that supplies one or more options of predicted equipment or resources beginning with the characters that a user has typed into the search field.

What is AudioFlea's Smart Navigation?

AudioFlea’s Smart Navigation uses the latest navigation technology to allow you to drill down while searching for equipment in our marketplace. By using the left navigation, you will be able to pick specific categories that matches the type of equipment you are looking for. Allowing you to find what you are looking for as fast and simple as possible.

Can I view sold or ended listings on AudioFlea?

At this time, you cannot view sold or ended listings from other sellers. However, you can view items you have sold in your My Account section of the site.

Can I narrow by location in the search bar?

You cannot currently narrow by location using the search bar, however you can narrow by location using the Smart Navigation located on the left hand side while you are browsing listings.